Handmade Kitchens in Cheltenham | Why You Should Choose Bespoke

Kitchens are an essential part of the home and people are spending more and more time in them, so it is important to have a space that matches your tastes and needs. Our carpenters design handmade kitchens that fulfil your requirements while providing comfortable and stylish spaces in Cheltenham. We also build bespoke furniture to complement the new room. Clifton Carpentry employs skilled tradesmen who are adept at installing fitted furniture throughout the home. Our services include bedroom furniture and joinery, meaning projects stay within our team for efficiency and value.


While there is nothing wrong with ready-built kitchens, they usually have limited options, meaning you don’t get everything you want from them. Handmade kitchens, like all our carpentry services, are completely flexible and versatile in their design. We plan each project from scratch to meet individual needs and space requirements. Bespoke furniture is completely unique to each Cheltenham customer.




When designing fitted furniture, we work to your budget and it is up to you if you want to include additional features or materials which may alter the cost. We consult with customers in Cheltenham through every stage of the process, so you are always aware of current expenses.


Due to the quality of materials and craftmanship, bespoke furniture lasts longer than pre-made kitchens or bedroom furniture, saving you money on repairs and replacements.




Handmade kitchens are often more functional than ready-made options. This is because you dictate exactly what you need, and we incorporate it into the design for your Cheltenham home. Our carpenters fit kitchens perfectly to your space, so there’s no wasted gaps or fillers.


No matter how much room you have available, we create effective and stylish fitted furniture. This expert carpentry extends to every room of the house, including office and bedroom furniture.




Installing handmade kitchens increases the value of your property. In modern homes, the kitchen is an increasingly popular place to socialise and relax. This means a beautiful and functional kitchen can play a major role when selling a property, making it easier to find a buyer and offering an increased profit.


Fitted bedroom furniture can also have an impact on property value in Cheltenham because effective storage solutions are commonly sought-after.




Our team of qualified carpentry professionals use the highest quality materials to provide long-lasting and durable bespoke furniture. All handmade kitchens and fitted furniture installations are tailored to the space so prove a better fit than pre-made units. Not only do they last longer, but they offer a superior-looking finish.

For bespoke furniture, including handmade kitchens, in Cheltenham and the nearby areas, call 07531 621320.